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What Makes Your Organization Unique?

What does being “unique” in the nonprofit world really mean? How does your organization figure out how you’re unique? And, does everyone in your organization feel equipped to talk about its uniqueness?

  • What is your organization’s mission? In a sentence or two, why does it exist?
  • How are you different from other organizations that have similar missions?
  • Can you explain your mission in simple terms, as though you’re telling a small child?
  • How are you making an impact in your community? What problem are you seeking to eliminate? What’s the felt need of your clients or program attendees?

Based on the above, are you resonating with your donors and community? Or are you spinning the same wheel everyone as everyone else? Are you finding the one differentiator a similar organization does not have?

Being different than everyone else is a good thing. But, what if you’re not?

This might not be such a bad thing.

If the impact your organization is making on a particular population is similar to the need being met by another organization in your area, consider:

  • That the problem your and other organizations are addressing is widespread and needs lots of effort to lessen or eradicate the standing issue.
  • That if you’re not already collaborating with other similar organizations, perhaps it’s time to consider that. Did you know that many potential grant makers are interested to know when organizations they’re considering funding and making a collective impact by teaming up with other organizations?

Tell us … what makes your organization unique? Or, what makes it enough like another that you can work together for a common goal? We’d love to hear.

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