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Using Your Community to Spread Your Message Online

Funding is tight, your days are already stretched the max. Each dollar is specifically allocated along with each hour of your day. Your board members and paid staff’s to-do lists are well above what they can finish in a week – yet you need to spread your message. Social media, for the most part, is a very affordable and effective way to accomplish that goal.

The one thing you need is time and lots of it. Is it a wonder that many medium-to-small nonprofits are lacking in their online presence?

Even if you are able to contract out social management, utilizing your online community is a win-win situation. You can easily tap into the small army you have available to you: your online community. Twitter followers and Facebook friends can be utilized to spread your message in ways you can’t do yourself.

Ric Dragon, from Social Media Today gave some great advice on how to best coach your community helping spread your message. Also helping people become more adept at social media, in general.

  • How to share – it doesn’t hurt to go over the very basics of sharing something. One of the challenges of these types of workshops is that there will inevitably be neophytes alongside more experience individuals.

  • Whether it’s OK to share more than once – it’s ok to share a Tweet a few times a day, while with a Facebook post, probably not.

  • Using Facebook lists – show users how to divide their friends up into different lists based on location or major interests, and tailor their shares to that audience.

  • Targeting individuals – you can “call-out” individuals in your shares, or even share (carefully) to the walls of others

  • Personalizing your shares – you never want to just retweet or share something without adding a bit of your own personality.

  • Include Calls to Action in your shares – ask you audience to also like the non-profit, or even share a particular piece of content.

  • Sharing across different platforms – you can share content across different social media platforms. As you do so, adjust it for the differences of each audience. Use those who love and are already passionate about your message!

If you feel overwhelmed with the idea reach out to us on Facebook or via email. We’d love to answer your questions. If you have more questions regarding social media training for your organization contact us. We’re here to help!

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