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Nonprofit Communications Commandment #4: Create A Media Kit

It’s important in communication to have the ability to tell your story in person, on your website, in social media or in print. Your media kit is something each organization should have (or should be working towards having) as a download on your website and a file in your shared drive with your board members. It’s important for news stations, ambassadors, board members, volunteers and paid staff to be able to know the talking points, the donation ranges and some of your impact stories. If done right, it helps everyone.

We realize creating a media kit takes time – especially if you’re a small shop – but the returns are well worth it. Let’s start with the basics.

Your media kit should be simple and easy for the press to read, use and capture a story. A few things to consider:

  • News Release
  • Stats/Facts/One-Sheeter
  • Bios of your executive team and key board members
  • Pertinent contact information and social media links
  • Any marketing material relevant to your current campaign (including downloadable photos and fliers)

Gathering these items together to make a cohesive press kit may take a moment. If you only have time to make one piece of communication to put on your website for the press, this is what we would suggest:

Marketing One-Sheet

Having a one-sheet is imperative for any organization. It is a one-page document that gives anyone interested in your organization a quick overview. You can attach it to any email, print it off for any event, or put it in your press kit for sponsorship opportunities. If you have additional time make a one-sheet for each of your organizations programs. Things to include:

  • Logo
  • Facts and convincing statistics
  • Program information
  • Pictures
  • Testimonials or quick case study
  • Call to action
  • Contact information

Still need more? Check out the American Cancer Society’s well crafted press kit for some applicable ideas for your nonprofit.

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