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Go-to Grant Resources

If you’re in goal-setting mode for the upcoming year, see our Top 5 Tips for Planning Your New Fiscal Year.

And, if any of those goals include spending more time and energy on creating winning grant proposals, we’ve compiled a list of resources to help with seeing the big picture of your organization, and finding the data out there that supports that the work your organization is doing is worth it (what you already know!). 

1. The Annie E. Casey Foundation Kids Count database – Provides data for each state that shows the well-being of children.

2. Sign up for email newsletters from your local community foundation to stay abreast of what’s going on locally that could affect your nonprofit.

3. Is there a think tank or agency in your area that keeps tabs on the successes and improvements needed in your area? Our local organization is called the Atlanta Regional Commission, and it publishes data on transportation, neighborhoods, employment and other issues important to a 20-county region that makes up Metro Atlanta.

4. PolicyMap – a subscription service that can help you build charts and reports on demographics for your area.

5. If you’re in education, try What Works Clearinghouse to find the evidence you need for your programs in literacy, teacher excellence, charter schools, children and youth with disabilities, and others. 

6. GrantStation – sign up for free grant notices to expand your potential funding pool, as well as conduct your own grant research.

7. Social Explorer – this subscription service also helps you sift through demographic information pertaining to your area of interest, and your geographic area.

8. If you’re a government entity, you can manage your grant process with eCivis software.

9. Speaking of government, if your nonprofit would like to apply for government funding, visit

10. If you’re a government entity, network with those in your state or area in the same boat. Search for an organization for municipalities in your area. Ours is the Georgia Municipal Association.

11. And finally, if you’re a nonprofit wishing to connect with other nonprofits in your area, search for your state association at the National Council of Nonprofits.

Don’t see your favorite resource on our list? Tell us about it.

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