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Social Media: Is It A Worthy Return On Investment?

Pinterest. Google+. Facebook. Twitter. Tumblr. Instagram. Email campaigns. It can all become extremely overwhelming. No matter how many tools exist to help you streamline your media the fact is if you stretch yourself too thin becoming a jack of all trades rather than a master of one – well, your return on isn’t worth your time!

It would suit your organization to become a master in a few social media areas, truly catering to your audience and donors, then being stretched across all mediums but not communicating effectively.

What exactly is ROI? Keep in mind, your time is also a cost – what is your time worth to you? To your mission?

“The power of social media is in what it lets us do and whom it lets us connect with. The story isn’t that Facebook has 1 billion users—the story is that you now have the ability to connect with more than 1 billion people, thanks to Facebook. The story isn’t the 70 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute—the story is that anyone with a story to tell can broadcast it to the whole world… on Google’s dime.” – Paul Cooligan, Technology Consultan


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