I know you’re here because you’ve probably been struggling with feeling overwhelmed and not sure where to start with your nonprofit’s communications.

We all know what’s it like to start something new, whether it’s a new job, new business, new baby or something else, being at the beginning of something big feels…well…BIG. Is there anything that feels more helpful in the beginning stages than a good support system, especially if that support system includes people who have been there and done that before?

I’m Betsy, and I’ve spent over 20 years learning the most effective ways for those in the nonprofit and education sectors to communicate.

Ever feel like if someone would give you step-by-step instructions, a formula to move through a project, you could just get in there and knock it out?

What would it feel like if you had a support system to help you get your nonprofit’s communications off on the right foot?

What if you had someone who has experience in nonprofit communications walk you through what to do and when, putting together plans that will make this new endeavor feel less daunting and more manageable?

You can do your nonprofit’s communications easier than you think you can.

I’d love to help you with your communications foundation so you can graduate to more complex writing that shows your impact and capacity, and solicits the funds you need to grow.

For starters, you can download your free Nonprofit Startup Communications Checklist here.

I can’t wait to get to know you and how your nonprofit are changing the world.

Let’s get started.