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Write for People, Not Institutions

Serve people, not institutions. In nonprofit marketing a personal touch can get lost if it’s not carefully created to connect your organization to its donors, activists and a social community that may have influence.

No matter the size of your organization you have a brand. As a nonprofit, your organization most likely exists to enact change or help a certain population in your community. Make sure you’re lasting message shows the human side of the problem your organization is working to solve, and even better, the human side of what it looks like when the problem has been alleviated.

Create a message that narrows your large mission to a singular personal story.

It is important for your audience to know there are people behind the brand. Here’s how to do it:

  • Tell one person’s story.
  • What’s the emotional appeal?
  • Not every appeal should make your audience teary, but make them feel something.
  • Then present your call to action: sign a petition, donate to your cause, send a child to summer camp, etc.
  • Finally, let your audience know how they can reach out with stories, questions or gifts.

Powerful, isn’t it?

Simple communication with a singular human story that evokes emotion can be very effective. Follow it up by a large call-to-action at the end. If you aren’t able to do a video production you can create the same strategies on Facebook, Instagram and other platforms with well-crafted words and images.

Don’t let the “organization” part of your nonprofit remove you from the people behind it.

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