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Rebranding Lessons Learned

When we launched Nonprofit Media Solutions in 2012, we put a website together right away. Yes, it was basic, but it was also functional. Just enough, we hoped, that those seeking our services could get some of their initial questions answered there before reaching out for more. It sufficed and got a lot of visitors in our first year and a half or so of business.

But we knew we needed something else. During our annual end of the year planning retreat in December 2013 we started dreaming about what our new site should look like. While we were at it, we did some daydreaming about our new logo and branding colors.

We liked our Scrabble logo but we knew we didn’t want it forever. We liked the way the words (i.e., communications) connected and wanted to continue that idea.

Old NMS logo
NMS logo from 2012-2013


What do we do more than anything else with our clients? Talk and listen. We have conversations every day with our clients to discuss where they’ve been, where they are now and where they want to go. And the conversation continues on throughout our working relationship. We’re constantly helping our clients make small adjustments to their communications that will help their nonprofit go where it needs to. We wanted to convey that conversational feel in our new logo. So here’s what we came up with (including bolder, brighter, more fun colors).

NMS logo
NMS’ logo beginning 2014.

And once that was in place, we switched up the way our website looks and the way we organize our information.

No, it wasn’t the quickest process. Yes, we had that “we’ll know it when we see it” conversation with our graphic designer more than once (thanks goodness for his patience in addition to his great design skills). Yes, it took longer than we’d planned. The schedule we’d planned on for writing new content and launching the site got delayed a time or two. But it’s done and we love it. We hope you do too.

Have you recently rebranded and/or launched a new site? What was your process?

Tell us about it.

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