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Nonprofit Communications Commandment #7: Have a content calendar

Thou shalt use a content calendar.

You’ve heard over and over that you should post consistently to your social media sites and your blog, and to send out an email newsletter. Too many times we have good intentions but writing new content can come second to mission-critical operational tasks at your nonprofit.

It’s important, though, to make regular online communications a priority. Even if you’re the communications director for your nonprofit, you may not be able to produce all the necessary content alone. You don’t have to. Enlist in a group to help you divide and conquer the responsibilities. Many hands make light work.

Consider who can help you with this task. Do you have a board member who writes well and would be willing to lend a hand with blogging a couple times a month? Is there an intern available? Would your program director be willing to write a column for your email newsletter once a quarter? Brainstorm which duties you could farm out to others and how often you’d like to have their help. Then ask them for help and establish clear expectations (read: deadlines) up front.

A good way to remember what you’re supposed to do, who is helping with what and when it’s all due is with a content calendar. Keep updating it as necessary. Print a copy out and post near your desk for easy access. Or, put the information in a Google doc and share with everyone involved. As it gets updated, be sure all the members of your team have the most updated version.

Get started by requesting our 2015-16 content calendar template here.


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