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New, exciting changes ahead for NMS

We’re excited to start 2018 by sharing some GREAT news with you!

While we at Nonprofit Media Solutions may have seemed quiet lately, we assure you, we’ve been busy (both personally and professionally!). We’ve shored up our NMS focus and tightened up our niche, and we’re excited to start 2018 by sharing it with you:

  1. We conduct grant research and put together 12-month grant writing plans for nonprofits;
  2. We coach nonprofits through the grant writing process; and
  3. We take on grant writing campaigns for nonprofits.

On a more personal front, 2017 was also a big year for our team personally. Betsy’s family grew by one more little person (previous little person arrived in 2016).

Lori rejoined the corporate world and started graduate school in 2017. We spent much of the fall transitioning NMS from a partnership to Betsy as head of the company and manager of our team of grant writers and researchers.

Though we’re not still business partners, we’re still friends. In fact, in August we took a trip with mutual friend Jamie to a place that has been on all our bucket lists: Prince Edward Island, Canada.

Here’s to a bright and happy 2018 for us all.

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