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Making a Media Kit: 7 Things to Include

Is your organization planning a big event, celebrating new grant funding, celebrating your nonprofit’s birthday or anniversary, or have something else to shout about?

If you’re hoping to generate some media coverage, here are some simple steps to putting together a media kit to house on your website. This will make it easier for a reporter to get the initial information that s/he needs, creating a great likelihood that you’ll make it on the news.

First, create a button on your home page or a menu in your website’s navigation specifically for the media. Make it easy for a first-time visitor to your site to find.

Then, include the following information directly on your webpage or include as downloadable files:

  • Press release outlining the event/celebration/program/award for which you’re hoping to receive news coverage.
  • A one-sheeter with introductory material about your organization. On it, include your mission statement, programs and compelling statistics that show your success (another good place for those measurable outcomes you’ve put together from all your program data). Pull information from your organization’s need statement that answers why the need for your organization exists, and how your nonprofit meets that need.
  • Several downloadable photos (make sure you have permission from the people in the photos) that illustrate the need addressed or cause being celebrated. Include information about each photo, including a photo credit (the photographer’s name). Make sure photos are in high resolution so they are usable online or in print.
  • A bio of your executive director that includes a headshot.
  • Contact information for your organization’s spokesperson for this event. Include office and cell numbers, fax and email.
  • An event invitation and details, if applicable.
  • A link to email the spokesperson directly.


By including this easily-accessible information on your website, interested members of the media will save emails and phone calls for more specific questions, saving them time. If you can make information easy to find for a reporter, they’re more likely to show an interest in covering your nonprofit in a story.

What does that mean for you? Possibly, more publicity, more awareness, a wider reach to educate those around you about your mission.

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