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Lessons Learned From Website Relaunch

As part of their campaign for CMV Awareness Month, Stop CMV unveiled its new website and impact video yesterday morning. They are a perfect example of  not being afraid to streamline their nonprofit site.

Stop CMV website screenshot
Stop CMV home page

The front page is clean, informative and chalk-full of calls to action: Donate, Get Involved, Join, Learn. Also easily organized for those looking as Public, Parents, Programs or Professionals. Everything your visitor needs to know is directly above the fold and while simple and clean isn’t lacking with information or direction.

Stop CMV website screenshot
Stop CMV website example

The have implemented the ‘scroll’ landing page which enables them to share as much information as they can before the visitor clicks off. A very popular and effective strategy – the longer a visitor is on your page the more likely the click-through will occur.

In addition to this, they yet again added clear calls to action: Learn, Drive Change, Join the Cause. They give their visitors multiple opportunities to provide their email address or join them on their social media. The more engaged the better!

Screen Shot 2013-06-04 at 1.09.41 PM

The golden key is their new impact video – it will be what drives people to understand Stop CMV and convince those visiting to learn more.

Stop CMV 2013 from Stop CMV on Vimeo.

We are excited for our friends at Stop CMV and look forward to seeing how these changes will help them capture more donors and engage a larger community raising awareness for this birth defect.

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