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Helping Hands Make The World A Small (and Awesome) Place

Posted by Lori Lee Davidson, co-founder of NMS

This morning I woke up with the intention to write a piece regarding the importance of visually connecting with your audience. We all know it’s important but how do we do it? I was prepared to explain how these two affordable (free) and user-friendly programs will help your organization.

Then Google kicked in. In a truly shocking turn of events, I got sidetracked. But something beautiful happened. I found these two videos.

Back on My Feet from Storytellers For Good on Vimeo.

Back on My Feet (organization website)

NYC SALT from NYC SALT on Vimeo.

NYC Salt (organization website)

These lead to me remembering other nonprofits doing similar things, yet different enough they may collaborate (Lamon Luther and Endless Dreams Foundation). This, of course, led me to Twitter (don’t all roads?) so I followed these awesome new-to-me nonprofits, full of plain fantastic people making a difference. How can I not love what I do when I get to learn about these incredible organizations and people on a daily basis? Because of all this happiness and sunshine I was completely derailed from my original post, however, in case you’re wondering the short version:

Quizio is a neat site where you can make visually appealing quotes. This is especially helpful for Facebook and your blog posts.

Screen Shot 2013-06-11 at 9.28.36 AM

 Start playing around!

Vsnap. This isn’t anything new, but the way people are using it is rather awesome. It’s a quick, easy, efficient and affordable way to personalize your interactions with your community. Some organizations are using it to send personalized thank you videos to donors, sharing exciting news about their community or just giving a snapshot into their daily schedule. It’s really limitless – how do you think you’d use it?

Let us know how you’d integrate these programs into your org.  We’d love to hear (and see!) your ideas.

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