While you focus on your organization’s mission, I’ll conduct prospect research and write grants to get your mission funded. I will work with yours on a grant calendar and proposals, and submit them on time. I’ll write it for you or give your team’s material one last look before submission. I can also customize a grant campaign for your organization.

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There are typically three types of projects. All of these options involve planning a grant writing campaign six or 12 months out and putting together a detailed calendar, to-do lists and physical binder (and e-format) of what to do when. I’ll even set up reminders to keep your team on task. Easy-to-use and easy-to-digest to streamline your team’s workload.

Both grant research and writing

I’ll work with your team for up to one year. I’ll help define your goal, identify the grants throughout the next calendar year that help you achieve that goal, and then apply for them. I’ll streamline the entire process and get your projects funded!

Grant research to hand off to an organization

I help define your funding goal and identify grants throughout the next calendar year that will help you achieve the target number. I organize the information and pass it off to your team to implement. This is usually done over the course of two months. I also help improve past grant requests that didn’t get funded to resubmit, upon request.

Grant writing from your research

I review the research you have done in the past, identify the holes and organize a calendar based on your funding goal. I then work with the Director of Development of Executive Director to implement the calendar, and submit LOIs and grant proposals for your organization. Depending on the organization’s budget this can be done over 3, 6 or 12 months.