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10 Things your Funders Want to Know

We get asked all the time for the most frequently-requested information on grant proposals. Here’s a quick checklist of what your organization is most likely to be asked on a grant application.

Get organized and get ahead. Here’s what you’ll want to put together.

We recommend compiling the following information so everything is ready to go when the right grant opportunity arises:

10. Your organization’s mission and brief history.

9. A list and description of all programs.

8. The annual budget for the current fiscal year, with separate budget sheets for each program.

7. Percentage of administrative expenses of the total budget.

6. A need statement for your project or program.

5. Detail on any collaborations with other organizations or businesses.

4. A listing of major funders already committed to the project or program.

3. The percentage of the project/program budget contributed by board members, and the total amount of the board’s contribution.

2. Your expected outcome for this project or program. What does success look like?

1. An explanation of how you measure your results against the goal. Have an explanation for your data and what it means.


Bonus: Program or project sustainability: what plan do you have in place to carry on if you don’t get funding?

What questions do you most often see on grant proposals? Let us know.

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