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Wolf Creek Foundation



The Wolf Creek Foundation sponsors and engages in activities and events that enrich and strengthen the quality of life in our community, particularly for members of the military.


Organized in 2006 we have worked with the Chaplaincy at Hill Air Force Base to provide weekend retreats for these families. They spend the weekend at Wolf Creek Resort in the spectacular Ogden Valley in luxury homes and condominiums. We provide all of their meals, world class recreation, a dinner dance and entertainment. The Chapel staff conducts programming for both the children and the parents that thoroughly deals with the issues that come with deployment.

Q. Who do you serve?

Military families with a member either about to deploy or just returning from deployment.

Q. What is your organization’s biggest accomplishment?

Twenty five retreats since 2006 serving over 875 families. Twenty couples have come forward and reported that participating in our retreat saved their marriage and their family. We have had “Best Practice” status with the Air Force nationally since 2008.

Q. What is Wolf Creek Foundation’s biggest need?

Funding to continue providing two retreats each year.

Ogden Valley Community Foundation is matching any donation made to Wolf Creek Foundation through Sept 18th.

Q. What is your organization’s plan for the future?

Find a way to expand the program to other bases and military branches. Conduct a capital campaign and build a military family wellness center at Wolf Creek.

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