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The end of 2014 means the end of our second full year of business. When we officially launched Nonprofit Media Solutions in January 2013, we had thought through a lot of things (we are type A, obsessive planners) and we had this picture of where we were going to take our business. We headed in that direction. For the most part, we’re still following what we envisioned in that polished-up plan we put together at the end of 2012. But, we’ve grown, changed and adapted in a few important ways too. It’s been fun to see how our vision has lined up with the course corrections we’ve made. Twice each year we have a planning retreat (sometimes via super fun Google hangout) to see where we’ve been and where we want to go.

Happy new year

A couple of months ago we caught up with a previous client we’d not talked to in a while. It’s always good to talk with them. One of the things they told us was that we’d gotten so quiet on social media that they wondered where we are. We’re still here, I assured them. And we are. But, yes, we’ve been quieter on social media than in the past.

Why would we do that when we’re a consulting firm that encourages nonprofits to use social media? Well, quite simply, it’s because we’ve learned where our audience is. Yes, they find us on Facebook and Twitter. But more than that, our people tend to live in their email (so do we).

This year at our planning retreat we put the finishing touches on a plan that will better meet our audience where it is via email newsletters and website content on our blog. We’ll still be on social media. But we’ll be focused on creating content that will help you do what you do even better. We’ve got blog content planned, white papers in the works, you name it.

We’re satisfying that mantra that we say over and over again to our clients:  where is your audience? Know the answer to that question and then meet them wherever that is.

So here’s to a productive, fruitful, happy, healthy 2015.

What will you do differently this year? Tell us about it.

Happy new year scrabble

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