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What We’ll Do in 2014

Did you see the article in the Chronicle of Philanthropy this week called “What Nonprofits Should Start Doing in 2014: Advice from the Experts?” If you’ve missed it, you should take a look. It’s chock full of great advice for those seeking to grow their nonprofit organizations: nurture existing donor relationships, keep track of measurable data, think visually, appeal to multigenerational donors and show how gifts to your organization make impact.

We concur. Here’s some supporting documentation from our 2013 blog posts in case you need some extra convincing.

Here’s how we at Nonprofit Media Solutions plan to tackle these 2014 to-do’s:

  • Tracking our own data. Where are our grant seeking organizations in the asking process? What do we know about their donors?
  • More visuals. Getting better about snapping a picture, even if it’s with a cell phone, to capture what we’re doing and what we’re about.
  • Help our clients think through how their donors’ gifts positively impact programs, and share that information with the right audiences, which can in turn be a part of nurturing existing donor relationships as well.

Tally ho, 2014! We’re looking forward to a fun, productive year.

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