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What we can learn from Reading Rainbow about crowdfunding

As evidenced by last week’s hugely successful Kickstarter campaign, there are a lot of Reading Rainbow fans out there. We watched all week as social media hype grew and surpassed LeVar Burton’s lofty goals for an accessible app to the newest generation to enjoy reading. Crowdfunding can be very successful though many people don’t realize going in just how much work it is to pull it off. Burton’s team played their cards just right. Here are four takeaway lessons for any nonprofit organization considering crowdfunding.

  • It has to be a cause people care about with a strong fan base. My Facebook feed was full of shares of this campaign by my peers. I grew up watching Reading Rainbow. I love reading. The option to bring that show to the next generation was something I care about, as do thousands of others.

RR FB page photo

  • It has to communicate frequently with updates.

crowdfunding update photo

  • It has to have personal, genuine messaging.

messaging RR photo

  • It has to come with sincere thanks from the organizer.

Have you had success with crowdfunding? What’s your take on Reading Rainbow? Tell us about it.

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