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We Heart Nonprofits: Conservation Garden Park


Inspiring, empowering and educating the West Jordan, Utah, communities to be waterwise.

Who They Serve

In a few decades, Utah’s population will be double what it was in the year 2000, but the amount of water in Utah will stay the same. If Utah is to make major progress towards creating a sustainable water supply, we must adjust our approach to landscaping. The Conservation Garden Park is the state’s largest and most visited conservation garden, with seven completed acres educating the public how to landscape for Utah’s climate. In 2014, over 38,000 members of the public from nearly 50 Wasatch Front cities visited the Garden. We offer over 50 free annual classes and special events to all ages, from the young to the young-at-heart. All community members, from master gardeners to homeowners to children can benefit from our unique educational setting. We are proud to be the “People’s Garden.”

Plans for the Future

Upon completion, the Garden will be a total of 10 acres and house several specialized waterwise exhibits, including a children’s science learn-and-play garden.

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