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We Heart Nonprofits: A Month in Review

February was a whirlwind around here as we highlighted one outstanding nonprofit each day. It’s been a fun, exhilarating month. Not only have we learned a lot about all the good being done by 27 organizations (not 28 – more on that in a minute), but each day we’ve been inspired by the impact being made all around the country and in Canada.

We’ve covered a variety of categories:

Special Needs
Camp Twin Lakes
SenseAbility Gym

Children and Teenager
Find Your Missing Child
Florida After School Network
Kids Are Heroes
Prevent Child Abuse Utah
PACE Center for Girls
imba means sing

Homeless and Underprivileged
Amos House
Hyaets Community

Community Education and Performing Arts
Carson McCullers Center
Civil War Heritage Trails
Johns Creek Symphony Orchestra
The Wrens Nest

Minority Advocacy
Level Playing Field Institute

Military and Veteran
The Boot Campaign
Bridging The Gap
Run For the Fallen

Medical Advocacy
Hand to Hold
Creutzfeld-Jakobs Disease Foundation
March of Dimes
Alliance Medical Ministry
Center for the Visually Impaired

Women’s Rights

Servants Anonymous Foundation

There have only been a couple of small hiccups. We had a few panicked hours when our web hosting service wanted to system updates that meant our website was down on The Boot Campaign’s day February 3. Then, Amos House, highlighted first on February 10, didn’t get to see the Facebook posts and tweets because they were too busy shoveling snow in Providence, RI, and wondering when the power would come back on. So they also rounded out the month for our last day when they could fully participate.

It’s our hope that by sharing the stories of these organizations each day, it’s expanded their reach, informing a bigger audience about their mission and programs.

From our perspective, We Heart Nonprofits has been so much fun that we’ve decided to carry on our new tradition of tooting the horns of nonprofits around the country with Feature Friday. If your organization wants to be the star of the show, tell us here. We’re all ears.


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