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We heart nonprofits: a month in review

What a month it’s been! Each weekday we’ve highlighted a nonprofit that’s making a difference within their own neighborhoods or in neighborhoods all over the world. They’ve been organizations helping the young and old, and those caring for the young and old, those helping others achieve self-sufficiency and create change.

Why we do this is simple: we believe that good people at good organizations need to have their horns tooted. In keeping with the Nonprofit Media Solutions mission, we believe social media is one of the best, most far-reaching ways to do this. It’s been fun to have these organizations play along with us on “their” day, which has increased audiences for both of us. That’s really the name of the game. As a networking friend once told me, “It’s not who you know or what you know, it’s who knows what you know.” Or, for our purposes, who knows what your organization knows and does. It’s our hope that by sharing the stories of these organizations each day, it’s expanded their reach, informing a bigger audience about their mission and programs.

Here’s our month in review. We put the spotlight on:

Poverty and Healthcare

Children and Youth

Family Support


We Heart Nonprofits has been so much fun that we’ve decided to do it again for the month of February. If your organization wants to be the star of the show one of those days, tell us here. We’d love to hear about it.


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