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Video Marketing: A Case Study

We tell our clients over and over again that video is important.  Video is how you humanize your organization.  Video is how you invite your community into your world.  Serve People, Not Institutions. But, look closely… do WE have a video?  Nope.  We decided it was time to change that.  We’d read all the articles about how simple it was, we’d even preached it to clients, “it’s as simple as putting up pictures and snippets of video from your phone.”

Well, we were proved semi-wrong.  It IS just putting up pictures and videos but it’s not a wham-bam-and-your-done type of thing.

We took a lot of pictures, a lot of video and I uploaded it to imovie:

Screen Shot 2013-10-14 at 7.06.31 PM

But then they were all just stills, not video.  Hrmph.  Ah. Genius, I need to upload it to the tab that says “video.” (always read the instructions folks).

Then comes the part where you get to choose how fast each picture flies by, how quickly the pace is for each video, and then what music you’ll set it to.    All in all from start to finish making this video took 4 hours.

We tried to maintain what we’ve preached:

  • Keep it under 2 minutes
  • Keep it engaging, entertaining or moving – you need to entertain, persuade or inform.  (We decided to entertain.)
  • Keep text to a minmum, when you do have text make the slide longer allowing everyone time to read.

PPA Summit 2013 – Nonprofit Media Solutions from Lori Aston on Vimeo.

Things we learned:

If you tape it wrong you can’t “just fix” it in iMovie.  Check us out at 0:46 we look like oompa loompas, that is because of the way it was shot on our phone and then imported onto our computer.  I’m positive there’s a computer program that fixes it, but I don’t know… and it would take longer than an afternoon to find it so it didn’t happen.  If you’ll notice the lane dancing it super speedy.  I made it the same speed as an earlier video and didn’t catch it ’til production.  Second lesson: watch it more times than you think necessary and fix your mistakes (leave a few hours to make it exactly how you want it or be okay with a little mistake).  We loved the song, we felt it was upbeat and fun.

If we were to film again the one thing we would do differently:

Include more participants at the conference in the video and make it more about THEM not US.  It will gather more social media traction/shares and make people feel more connected to our company.  We purposefully made it about us, but now in reflection realize (just like everything else) it needs to be 80% goodwill 20% self promotion.  Funny how those lessons stretch across all mediums of marketing, eh? 

Overall, we had a blast working on it, we aren’t scared to do it again and we will be playing with video a whole lot more in 2014!  What about you?  Have you tried to make a video yet? How did it go?

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