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Utah Nonprofit Association: First Event in Utah

I made it safely to Utah – more posts about that soon – and it seemed as soon as I unpacked I found myself at the member social for Utah Nonprofit’s Association.  Generally, I don’t blog about our attendance at monthly events (we are active members of other associations) but I really REALLY like the format UNA has for their member socials…and thought I’d share it with the nonprofit sector at large.  Instead of a meeting at a hotel, convention center, or country club the members rotate monthly to different “host organizations” who are also members of UNA. Each month members are able to tour the nonprofit’s facility, learn more about their programs and see if there are ways to help each other out.

June’s meeting was held at a local animal adoption agency.  We got a tour of the facility and I was impressed I made it out the door without taking a furry one home with me (I had my eye on one…).


If that isn’t cool enough they have a moment towards the end of each meeting where they go through the room and ask the question:

“What’s currently keeping you up at night?”

Each attendee is able to talk about a current challenge their organization is facing and open it up to suggestions.  After this brief circle around the room it opens up for networking with the singular purpose of HELPING each other based on the topics just discussed.  GENIUS way to help bring the association members together, to help one another, and to foster relationships! I loved my first interaction with the UNA staff and members. I look forward to this next year as I attend more meetings.

Has your state association done anything you particularly enjoy?  What questions could they be asking to be a better resource for you and your organization?

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