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United Against Poverty and Disease


Our mission is to facilitate access to sustainable solutions in impoverished communities through education and empowerment initiatives, while inspiring individuals and organizations to join in the fight to alleviate global burdens of poverty and disease in the developing world one community at a time.


United Against Poverty and Disease (UAPAD) was founded in 2010 in Los Angeles, CA. The organization was founded by Toyin & Teddy Idehen shortly after they went through an extremely painful and unimaginable life experience. UAPAD exists today unfortunately from the couple losing their oldest twin daughter one day after she was delivered at 28 weeks due to a maternal health illness. Today, the organization focuses on a diverse number of issues relating to alleviating the burdens of poverty and disease globally, and UAPAD is working to provide sustainable solutions for populations in need of critical assistance around the world. For more details on why UAPAD was founded, please visit our website at

Q. Who do you serve?

We serve communities throughout the greater Los Angeles area. We additionally work internationally, with our initial programs in communities in Kenya, South Africa, and Haiti.

Q. What is your proudest accomplishment?

We recently hosted our First Annual Health and Nutrition Fair in Long Beach, CA, bringing together nearly 20 organizations and 150 community members to learn about various aspects of health, and to understand the services available in the area. We shared stories, had great entertainment, and witnessed this community join together, working to alleviate the perils of hunger, homelessness and poor nutrition. These experiences are what UAPAD envisions for the future. In addition, one of our Executive Director’s favorite quotes is by Robert Ingersoll, which states, “We rise by lifting others.” Seeing these words in action as an organization, UAPAD has been able to provide assistance to many who are less fortunate, thereby giving them the hope – and empowering them with tools and resources – that they need. These experiences for us are beyond gratifying. We hope to continue to work in communities that need our help, and we hope to continue lifting people from their disadvantaged circumstances.

Q. What is UAPAD’s greatest need?

At this time, our growing organization is looking for curious, excited and productive people to join our team to assist with event planning, fundraising, outreach, and international development. Further, as with many newer organizations, UAPAD is in need of funds to ensure our projects become implemented very soon. We are more specifically in need of donors who can help the organization achieve its many goals. We are looking for long-term or short-term donors, who understand and share the organization’s mission and vision. There is a lot of work to be done; hence we need as much financial support as we can obtain.

Q. What is your organization’s plan for the future?

UAPAD plans to continue our community impact both in the United States and beyond. We plan to implement programs in schools that encourage volunteerism and global citizenry. We also plan to partner with organizations to continue implementing education and empowerment programs on a global scale.

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