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The Nonprofit Industry’s Impact on Georgia

At the GCN Summit back in May we got our hands on a lengthy, detailed report called The Economic Impact of Georgia’s Nonprofit Sector, published in 2012 by Georgia Tech and Georgia Center for Nonprofits. There is all kinds of interesting statistics, and here are a few that struck us:

  • The nonprofit sector makes up 13.2% of the state’s employment, so lots of jobs.
  • More of these organizations (30%) are community improvement or public/social benefits than any other kind.
  • Nearly half of them (48.9%) have budgets of $100,000 or less.
  • Three quarters of Georgia nonprofits’ revenues are made up of fees for services; only 21.9% of budgets are made up by individual contributors.
  • In 2009 there were 25% more nonprofits in Georgia than there were in 2003.
  • Only 1% of Georgia’s nonprofits are hospitals.
  • Georgia is ranked 39th in the country for volunteerism.
  • Just 3.6% of Georgia’s nonprofits have annual budgets of $10 million or more.




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