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Storytelling Your Organization’s Beliefs and Values: Great Advice from Unboundary

On Wednesday night I attend Assembly!, an informal gathering for young nonprofit professionals in the Atlanta area. This was the group’s second event. The evening’s speaker was Tod Martin of Unboundary, a company marketing/communications consultants that has worked with some of the country’s most well-known corporations.

He spoke about effective and memorable ways to tell an organization’s story, something that many of us have heard a lot about before. How Martin was a little different, however, was in his opinion that once an organization’s story is defined and the organization decides where to share their story, they should do it very well in just one main place. That place should be wherever that organization’s audience is. It could be on the website or a social media platform, or somewhere else altogether. The point was to tell it well and consistently in one main place and a few secondary ones.

An important part of any organization’s story is its beliefs and values. Pushing a belief out there will attract those you want on your side, those who once they know your organization well enough, will begin to tell your story for you, advocating for your nonprofit. For this reason, it’s really important to create relationships with those who support you.

What are your organization’s beliefs and values? (That’s something we’ve been mulling over especially hard since the Georgia Center for Nonprofits Summit.) How do you want your organization known? How are you forming and maintaining relationships with your biggest fans, and do they have the information they need to properly advocate for what you do?

Great food for thought.

If you’re interested in attending an Assembly! event, check out their Facebook page for upcoming events and more information.


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