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Spirit of a Child Foundation

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Our foundation’s mission is “We Help Families Grow Stronger” with a goal to end generational cycles of dysfunction in families by building and strengthening relationship bonds between parents and their children. The foundation has no paid employees and an all-volunteer force assists with all events.

Who do you serve?

Our concentration is funding established successful organizations that conduct programs to ensure healthy parent-child bonds, whilst creating our own projects and programs occasionally through partnerships, to confront issues not currently or adequately addressed by our government programs.


Tallahassee, Florida


The Spirit of a Child Foundation (SOAC) is a national 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization that was formed to help strengthen the bonds between parents and their children. SOAC has three co-founders: Sharon M. Wynn, Catherine Sanchez and Cindi Lou Ward. All three are driven by a deep and heartfelt commitment to make a positive impact for families in need. Their dream and doors to the SOAC Foundation became a reality on September 1, 2005 to begin their insurmountable mission of “We help families grow stronger.” The SOAC Foundation will be working to identify and overcome obstacles that all-too-frequently impede the parent-child relationship. These obstacles are numerous and difficult to overcome: poverty; acrimony between parents of the children; substance abuse or other unfortunate circumstances; and violence in homes, on the streets and in our schools. The legacy for our children too often is a new generation of dysfunctional families, attachment disorders, low self-esteem, depression, gangs, teenage pregnancies, school dropouts and so on. The SOAC Foundation strongly believes that children are life’s most precious gifts and that their childhood should be a time filled with joy, laughter, growth and endless possibilities. The root to a healthy child is to nurture their inner spirit with time, presence, gentle encouragement and plenty of love.

Proudest Accomplishment

To date would be SOAC Foundation’s annual Parent-Child Project. Each year the foundation conducts a nature retreat for selected families to participate in environmental education and activities that require family members to work together and build healthy communication skills. The criterion for the families is that they are in a situation of financial hardship, such as a parent living with cancer, a family living in extreme poverty, or a military family adversely affected by combat who may suffer from a physical or emotional injury (including post-traumatic stress disorder) or loss of a parent.

Greatest Need

We held to provide less fortunate families to provide the necessary tools and valuable knowledge for parents to love their children and help then understand the importance of developing a strong family unit.

Plans for the future

SOAC Foundation plans to expand in the next few years our educational program to include family counseling and healthy communication workshops.

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