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Lori and Betsy are available to train your organization’s board of directors, volunteers and staff through a one- or two-day session. These dynamic workshops are perfect additions to board retreats or as stand-alone staff training.

Currently scheduling workshops for Spring 2017.

Communications Bootcamp

This workshop focuses on topics that help you grow your organization and engage donors, volunteers, and community partners.

  • Internal Communication/leadership
  • External Communication
  • PR, Social Media, Community Partnerships
  • Fundraising/events

Whether you are an association, museum, nonprofit business we will help facilitate the knowledge of your group, organize and teach tactics for moving the organization forward with well-crafted and well-placed language. Perfect for board members, volunteers and staff.  10 person minimum.

Grant Writing 101

This workshop walks you step by step through the grant seeking and writing process.

Instruction topics include:

  • Is your agency ready for grants?
  • How to get ready for grants
  • How to search for grants that best fit your agency
  • Types of grant proposals
  • Elements of a successful grant proposal
  • Practice with writing grants

This workshop will be customized to your organization’s current needs and staffing situation.  2 person minimum

Grant Winning (not just writing!)

This workshop will focus on how to best position your organization for winning grants, not just writing them! Topics include:

  • What documents and policies are needed
  • How to project budgets for new or existing program
  • How to set up measurable outcomes
  • How to evaluate your program

2 person minimum

Friendraising for Board Members

This 1.5-hour training focuses on board members responsibility to serve as your agency’s ambassador in the community both as fundraisers and “friendraisers.” It will provide practical ways in which you as a board member can succeed.


Board Members Team Building

Our 2-hour board member team building workshop focuses on helping your board learn keys to working better as a team. Through a facilitated process your board members as will learn more about their strengths and weaknesses, both as a group and individuals.  Then they will brainstorm for ways in which they can be a more effective team and as a board meet the needs of your organization.

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