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Serve People, Not Institutions

Serve people, not institutions.  Not too revolutionary you would think.  However, in nonprofit marketing you often lose the personal touch that connects you to donors, activist’s and a social community who may influence even more donors and activist’s.  No matter the size of your organization you have a brand, some are easier to humanize than others, but in the end your goal is help someone somewhere, right? Make THAT your lasting message.  (the “human” part of humanizing!)

Create a message that narrows your large mission to a singular personal story.  

It is important to know there are people behind the brand.

Annie Escobar, from ListenIn pictures says storytelling boils down to this:

Simple, Unexpected, Credible, Concrete, Emotional and told as a Story.

Below are three great examples that fit.  These organizations range from a staff under 10 to a large international presence.  What do they have in common? It’s one. person’s. story.


Future Fortified

Future Fortified // Dallas Clayton : Nutrition, Education and Dreams. from Mo Scarpelli on Vimeo.

Okay, okay, so you don’t have kids to tug at the heart strings – check this one out.

GetUp Australia

Powerful, isn’t it?

In all three you find: simple communication, a singular human story that evokes emotion. Followed by a large call-to-action at the end.  If you aren’t able to do a production you can create the same strategies on Facebook, Instagram and vine.  Don’t let the ‘organization’ part of your nonprofit remove you from the people behind it.

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