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Pets and Natural Disasters

During the recent tornadoes in the Oklahoma City area, the news stories have been overwhelmingly sad but many of them have had a silver lining. One of the most moving stories I’ve seen during all of this was on CNN following the May 20 tornado. During an interview with a tornado survivor, a woman recounts her experience and her sadness at losing her dog in the twister. During the interview, the dog makes its presence known to the news crew and its owner, and with a little help, it climbs out of the rubble. Amazing story. (If you missed it, it’s worth a watch.) Then, after the more recent tornadoes, another animal story stood out. A two-day old foal appropriately named Twister was found scared to death after the storm (that video is here).

June is National Pet Preparedness Month. The Humane Society has helpful resources on its website. Two of particular interest include how to help children and animals cope post-disaster and putting together a pet preparedness kit.

Did you know Nonprofit Media Solutions is a pet-friendly company? Our mascot’s name is Mr. Eko.



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