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Oma’s Heart


The mission statement for “Oma’s Heart, Inc.” is to offer parents the ability to provide Christmas gifts for their children, with the help of committed volunteers that have the desire and drive to obtain and supply cost free merchandise. Renewing a sense of Christmas Spirit in parents through a financially difficult time.


Cape Coral, Florida.

Who do you serve?

Financially struggling families in Lee County, Florida. Our focus is on families that are most in need or fall through the cracks.


This will be there fourth year providing to our community. Last year Oma’s Heart helped 1,300 children presents to open on Christmas Day.

Proudest accomplishment

This started in the living room of the founders house and grows every year. All done by volunteers with help from the community! This year Oma’s Heart is proud to announce that we are partnering with Lee County School District.  Families that will shop at Oma’s Heart Toy Store will be referred to us through their child’s school.

The school will distribute applications and make sure qualified families will receive their voucher to shop. The applications available to the individual schools are limited. We are very excited about this partnership and feel assured that through teachers, social workers and school staff that we will provide Christmas gifts to families that will truly benefit this opportunity.​​​​

Greatest need

Donations of toys or money. We are also in need of a trailer to transport toys. 

Plans for the future

To continue to find those families most in need and help them though their rough patch.

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