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Nonprofit professionals: happy optimists

I believe nonprofit professional are, at their core, a glass-half-full bunch. Spending two full days together back in May at the Georgia Center for Nonprofits Summit just confirmed what I already suspected: we are eager to work extra hard to improve the lives of others, even when the climb is steep and the pay lower than other industries. We like to make impact, a difference. For many of us, job satisfaction is pretty high.

In this same vein, I’ve noticed several articles online lately that point to happiness and optimism, and how to get there if you’re not already.

Five Things to Get Rid of If You Want to Be Happy from Greta Jaeger

Does Trying to be Happy Make Us Unhappy? from Adam Grant

How to Be an Optimist: 10 Habits That’ll Help You Look on the Bright Side from the Huffington Post

At the Summit a few weeks ago I sat in on a talk by Ann Cramer on work-life alignment, which contributes to happiness and  job satisfaction. Knowing who you are and what you do is key, whether it’s your organization or just yourself. Kramer offered advice on defining your mission, vision and values, and to seek out other people and organizations that value the same things. She encouraged us to manage our energy well, frame situations in a positive way, and to connect and engage, using your voice to make you an ambassador and resource for whatever your cause is, personal or professional. It’s something I’m trying to define better, both for myself and us at Nonprofit Media Solutions. It’s fun to think about how to make a good thing better.



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