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Motivated Adults Developing Excellence (M.A.D.E)

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Our mission is to help improve the dramatic imbalance of positive mentors available for middle and high school students by providing college students and young professionals as mentors that will broaden students’ awareness of personal achievements leading to them to ultimate success.


Founded in 2008 by Eldredge E. Washington (Made Mann). The organization was founded his senior year of high school to help keep him and his peers out of trouble.

Q. Who do you serve?

Motivated Adults Developing Excellence (M.A.D.E) is a group mentoring program that focuses on middle and high school students. Our youth are faced with daily challenges that are affecting their final outcome on life, so we devised an innovative infrastructure that will assist them in discovering purpose and igniting their inner passion. M.A.D.E is designed to change the complete paradigm and mindset of our youth by exposing them to resourceful connections and opportunities of empowerment. We supply our members with college students and young professionals who desire to give back through mentorship. Our motto is, “we supply mentors who are young enough to connect, but old enough to respect.” We desire to guide today’s youth on a path that will lead to fulfilled ambitions and ultimate success. Our focus is on restoring, establishing, and strengthening family values in our communities. We are bridging the gap and restructuring the common family. M.A.DE will equip youth in creating rich relationships with mentors and peers with progressive mindsets opening the road to destiny. We mentor through four major components: community service, positive entertainment, programs/curriculum’s, and field trips.

Q. What is your organization’s biggest accomplishment?

Helping middle schoolers raise 45,000 shoes in 3 months for children in Africa (Ghana). M.A.D.E’s success is measured by by ensuring our members and mentors discover their purpose, reach their goals, and make their dreams come true. This could be graduating college, entering into a career path, or starting a business. We only exist to ensure that each student we encounter becomes a motivated adult developing excellence (M.A.D.E.) in the world.

Q. What is M.A.D.E.’s biggest need?

Greater funding but more importantly a solid support system from the communities we serve.

Q. What is your organization’s plan for the future?

To launch a chapter on every major college campus in the United States.

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