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May 5-5-5 Deal

5-5-5.1 copy

Getting feedback on the grant proposals your organization has done previously, funded or not, can help you adjust funding proposals in the future. We’ll offer you feedback on five funding proposals you’ve completed in the past, highlighting strengths and places where improvements are needed for next time. We do the grant researching legwork, finding five grant opportunities that fit your organization’s goals. From that point, you can take the report we’ve provided and seek funding with the help of your own staff, or we can work together to help you pull your grant proposals together in time for each deadline.  All for the low price of $500.  Get it?


Nonprofits with fewer than 5 previous grants are still eligible.  We will work with you individually to determine if creating a proposal or finding grants will be most beneficial for your organization. Contact us and lets get started!

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