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Love Wins Ministries



Our mission is to provide pastoral care and unconditional love to people experiencing homelessness.


Raleigh, NC


In the summer of 2007 Hugh Hollowell moved from Memphis to Raleigh to work with poor people in a relational way. Since then, Love Wins has morphed into a hospitality house, a worshiping community, and biscuits in Moore Square every weekend.

Who Do You Serve

We minister among people who are housing insecure, people who are food insecure, and people who don’t have a home.

Proudest Accomplishment

Our proudest accomplishment is actually a result of our biggest challenge so far, when we were threatened with arrest for sharing breakfast with our friends this past summer. We believe that all change is predicated on relationships, so over a period of several weeks we built relationships with the City of Raleigh, which brought a victory for the people we minister among. Now the City of Raleigh has budgeted more than $100,000 per year to help us and other groups that share food with hungry people.

Greatest Need

Our approach is relational, so what we need is more people willing to be in relationship with people different from them.

Future Plans

A new building! In 2012 Hillyer Memorial Christian Church allowed us to use their annex building, and we have quickly outgrown our space. With more space will come more possibilities.

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