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Living Walls



Living Walls is a nonprofit organization that brings together street artists, academics and the public at large to activate and engage communities.


Living Walls is a non-profit street art project founded by Mónica Campana and Blacki Li Rudi Migliozzi in 2009 in Atlanta, Georgia. Featuring over 60 local & international artists in the past two conferences, it has become a year-round endeavor to acknowledge our urban environment & infrastructure through murals, lectures and work shops.

Who do you serve?

The idea behind Living Walls is to put the work of a very small subset of the population (street artists, graffiti writers, etc), people who actually interact with space, and people who spend their time in discourse about public space all under the same roof. Our intentions are simply to broadcast to the attendees a wide spectrum of ideas about public space, hoping that everyone leaves the event looking at the city, its walls, and how we interact with space differently.

2013 Conference Artists

3ttman (France)

Agostino Iacurci (Italy)

Axel Void (Spain)

Brandon Sadler (Atlanta)

Christopher Derek Bruno (Atlanta)

Elian (Argentina)

Freddy Sam (South Africa)

Gyun Hur (Atlanta)

Inti (Chile)

Jaz (Argentina)

Joshua Ray Stephens (Atlanta)

Know Hope (Israel)

Marcy Starz (Atlanta)

Matt Haffner (Atlanta)

Laura Bell (Atlanta)

2501 (Italy)

Pastel (Argentina)

Roti (France)

Sam Parker (Atlanta)

Trek Matthews (Atlanta)

All artists also have an artist page on:

2013 Wall Locations

3ttman – 39 Georgia Avenue
Agostino Iacurci – 890 Memorial Dr.
Axel Void – 513 Edgewood Ave.
Brandon Sadler – 1231 Glenwood Dr. (Village Fitness)
Elian – 39 Georgia Avenue
Freddy Sam – 59 & 669 Georgia Avenue
Gyun Hur – 25 Georgia Ave
Inti – 890 Memorial Drive
Jaz – Memorial Drive Corridor at Moreland (230 Flat Shoals) & 890 Memorial Dr.
Joshua Ray Stevens -501 Edgewood Avenue
Know Hope – 75 Georgia Avenue
Marcy Starz – 73 & 75 Georgia Avenue
Matt Hafner & Laura Bell – 60 Georgia Avenue
2501 – 39 Georgia Avenue
Pastel – Memorial Drive Corridor at Moreland (255 Flat Shoals)
Roti – 483 Edgewood
Sam Parker – Randolph & Irwin Ave
Trek Matthews – 39 Georgia Avenue
A map of all Conference walls (from 2010- Present) can be found here:

Website and Social Media Sites

twitter: @livingwallsatl              instagram: @livingwallsatl
facebook: LivingWallsATL        tumblr: livingwallsatl


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