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How to maneuver metrics without access to Google keywords

One of our clients is a nonprofit needing an SEO overhaul on their website.  While doing research on their metrics to set goals and optimize their text I had a horrible discovery that Google has removed access to their keywords.  A little googling (I recognize the irony) later I found the details. Google announced a few weeks ago they were going to make that section no longer available on their free service. You are more than welcome to pay for that information but it’s not longer available for free. Not just on Google Analytics but on any free metrics (if you are powered by WordPress that includes your JetPack plugin).  How do you get around this?
If you haven’t already: sign up for Google for Nonprofits.  As a Google NP you can apply for Google Grants.  If awarded this grant you get Adword space for free. Hopefully you will can approved and will be able to see the data that way.
Unfortunately, it’s a new development so we’re trying to learn the best practices, as well. We are doing research and are trying to figure out what is right for each client. While there are many software programs out there that have access to Google, you have to pay your way in.  We believe you can still be successful and read metrics well using the free tools.
We suggest:

SEO Dashboard

google analytics seo dashboard

Great for:

  • Monitoring your overall organic search reach
  • Recognizing the top landing pages from organic search (including goal completions/conversions)
  • Understanding the most valuable organic search keywords to your site

Download the dashboard here.

Social Media Dashboard

google analytics social media dashboard

No matter what extent you’re actively conducting social media activity it’s incredibly likely that social networks will be providing referral traffic to your site. Utilize this dashboard to understand what interactions are coming from social channels.

Great for:

  • Keeping on top of social referrals
  • Identifying most effective social channel for your business (where to invest your effort)

Download the dashboard here


Tracking your data is crucial to understanding your audience online (and offline).  The lines are becoming more and more blurred between those two worlds!
Not tracking web activity and using analytics would be like sending out a direct mailing that included a response card, then then shredding the responses that came in without looking at them. It might, in fact, be even more extreme. Response cards only give information about recipients who chose to send them back; web analytics give information about every user’s habits, even if they only land on a page for a few seconds before leaving again. (source)
This video is a great introduction, it is specifically geared for Nonprofits using Google Analytics.

As always, if you have any questions please contact us.  We’d be happy to help!

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