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RFP’s come across our desk every day. We subscribe to many listservs which update daily/weekly with state, federal and corporate grant opportunities. We look through each one, especially when we have a nonprofit in mind. We like to keep our ear to the ground for our nonprofits searching for more funding. Lately we’ve come across grants we wanted to recommend but couldn’t think of a nonprofit that matched. What a shame!  We want that to stop.

Help us! We want you to know when money is sitting there waiting! Problem is, we need to know your organization’s programs and fundraising intents in order to be watching for potential matches. Starting in July we will be sending out an RFP specific email compiling grants we’ve found. If we hear of something between the RFP emails that we think is perfect for your organization we’ll reach out with the grant information – whether or not you need our grant writing help.
Help us help you find more funding. 
We want you to succeed. We can’t do it without you! 

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In case you don’t know the reference… here is our guy Tom Cruise in Jerry MacGuire

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