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Google Keep The New Handheld Pinterest?

Google-KeepHave you heard of Google Keep? It’s the newest google app. I downloaded it last week (thanks to a husband who caught it during it’s unintentional release) and have quickly become completely obsessed. What is it?

Essentially, it’s your own personal Pinterest. How many of you use Pinterest to hold ideas in place so you don’t forget them? How often do you pin from your phone or do you mainly pin while you’re on your computer? I am on my phone about 3x the amount of time I’m on my computer. I love that I can organize ideas, pictures, files, songs and voice notes to collect later.  I love that it transfers to all of my devices. I LOVE that when I boot up my imac the voicenote I took while driving home is sitting there, typed up, in my folder.  I love that I can organize by color.

If you can’t tell, I love most things about this.  There are a few bugs because it’s new (it was officially released the public on March 20) – but like everything Google does – I know it will improve with time.  While I still believe Evernote is the best app (currently) for organizations, Google Keep is a fantastic alternative for your personal notes, ideas, and projects.  Much easier to navigate and much more visual.

I realize this sounds like a paid promotion, it’s not.  I am very excited about this free product and want to make sure you are aware of the capabilities it hold for your organization!  Learn more about Google Keep here, here and here


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