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Florida Afterschool Network


The mission of Florida Afterschool Network (FAN) is to provide unified leadership to advocate for the development, enhancement and sustainability of innovative, high quality afterschool programs and policies statewide.

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FAN was established in 2005 through funding from the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation and has a prestigious Board of Directors which includes afterschool providers, practitioners, funders, and community and business leaders. FAN’s board members passionately believe that every child should have high quality afterschool opportunities that are accessible, affordable, accountable and inclusive. Additionally, FAN created a Panel of Champions to advocate for afterschool issues.

Q: Who do you serve?

A: FAN advocates on behalf of all afterschool programs and organizations serving nearly 600,000 K-12 students throughout Florida.

Q: What is your organization’s proudest accomplishment?

A: FAN created the first Florida Standards for Quality Afterschool Programs which have been widely embraced by afterschool and education communities. The Standards have helped to improve the level of programming and services being provided to Florida’s students and families.

Q: What is FAN’s greatest need?

A: At Florida’s first-ever Afterschool Stakeholder Summit, held in 2012, it was noted that programs are in need of enhanced professional development opportunities for afterschool administrators and staff, STEM and literacy curricula specifically designed for afterschool environments, and a stronger voice supporting afterschool issues with policy makers and business leaders.

Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: The goals of FAN are to create and sustain statewide infrastructure to establish collaborative public and private partnerships which connect local, state and national resources supporting afterschool programs that are school-based or school-linked; to have each school district adopt the quality afterschool standards, and to promote public awareness and advocate for policy that expands funding, quality improvement initiatives, and accessibility of afterschool programs.

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