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Enable Utah

Enable Utah


Help adults with disabilities gain independence through work.


Ogden, Utah

Who Do You Serve?

Adults with all disabilities including physical, developmental, emotional, and mental.

Brief History

EnableUtah was organized as a not-for-profit organization 501(c) (3) in February 1968 by parents of adult children with disabilities. At that time there were no early intervention or training programs available, no public schooling, no jobs, and extremely limited social acceptance for people born with, or who had acquired, a disability.

Those parents started EnableUtah with grant money, which paid the salary of one staff member. Primarily academic in the beginning, there were approximately 11 “students.” Today, forty-four years later, there are 40+ full-time staff members, three buildings and more than 400 client/trainees (annually) with disabilities receiving vocational/activity rehabilitation services. They are paid while in training. On a daily basis, 250 people receive services. Production work is done at EnableUtah’s three work sites, as well as at various contractors’ work sites. The annual budget is just under $5,000,000.

People with disabilities working on production contracts are paid, while being trained and the goal is to help them become socially and financially independent. Many are designated “placement ready” and staff helps them apply and interview for, and move into competitive jobs. Once placed, they’re provided with a job coach who works with and supports them to ensure a successful outcome.

EnableUtah’s revenues come through three sources. First and most significantly, revenues are generated through contract development. Contracts for product or services are developed with manufacturers such as Autoliv ASP Inc., Western Zirconium, Grandway, Parker Hannifin, Williams International, Kimberly-Clark, Levolor, KSG, the Internal Revenue Service, Hill AFB, etc. The work that is contracted is provided for people with disabilities.

Secondly, revenues are generated by contracting with the state (EnableUtah is not a state agency) to provide training for people with disabilities. An amount determined by the state is paid to provide day services for people with certifiable disabilities. The rate differs depending on the severity of the disability.

Thirdly, money is raised through donations (Enable is a 501 (c) (3) organization) which help support the costs of training. The ultimate goal is to help adults with disabilities become socially and financially independent.

What makes Enable unique is that it’s a private not-for-profit organization. Unlike many other rehabilitation programs, EnableUtah is not associated with a state or federal agency, such as a school district. EnableUtah staff members are not state employees and because of this independence, there’s neither job security nor guaranteed revenue. Enable must develop contracts and perform them satisfactorily to continue to exist. Delivering excellent quality for contracted goods and services has kept Enable a viable business for 45 years.

Soliciting donations from corporations, foundations and individuals raises the additional funds needed to provide training for the many individuals who are disabled and have no sponsor to help them acquire the skills they need to become productive. If an individual or corporation donates directly to EnableUtah, half of the amount (up to a limited amount set by the legislature) qualifies as a Utah State tax credit.

Proudest Accomplishment

Development of our Enrichment Program which focuses on activities and community inclusion for those with more severe disabilities.

Greatest Need

We are in great need of repairs for our building. We are currently seeking donations to update our lighting system, fix our roof, expand our clean room and add hot water to our pressure washer.

Future Plans

Currently we are recruiting for our after school program aimed at children with disabilities ages 6-18. We hope one day to expand into independent living and residential services.

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