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Dallas Preemie Parents


Dallas Preemie Parents strives to provide parents of premature infants in the Dallas area with support through the act of giving. We carry out this mission through community service, education, peer-to-peer support and advocacy for families. Dallas Preemie Parents works with families in the NICU, graduate families, families with birth defects and families experiencing high risk pregnancies.


Dallas Preemie Parents was founded in 2011 after Executive Director Jacqueline Fox’s son came home from the NICU. There was a lack of support for families in the Dallas area and I felt we needed to support this community.


Frisco, Texas

Who do you serve?

We serve families with premature infants and high risk pregnancies in the Dallas area.

Proudest accomplishment

Our proudest accomplishment was signing our contract with one of the largest NICU in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. We signed our contact in November 2013 and started rolling out our hospital support program in January 2014.

Greatest Need

Some of our greatest needs are local volunteers and monetary donations. We are trying to build our resources for our families in Antepartum and the NICU in the hospital we support.

Plans for the future

Dallas Preemie Parents is recognized as a nonprofit organization in the state of Texas but we are in the process of getting our 501(c)3 status.

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