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Caring Together in Hope



The Caring Together in Hope Foundation provides respite and support services to caregivers with limited financial resources who are selflessly serving those affected with dementia and related disorders.


The Caring Together in Hope foundation is a nonprofit organization inspired by Carol Troxel Hammitt, a caregiver throughout her life as nurse, daughter, sister, wife, mother, and friend.  Carol developed a virulent form of Lewy Body Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease and passed away four months after her diagnosis.  Carol’s family gained a passion for those affected by Alzheimer’s and other dementia diseases throughout her illness and understands the sacrifices that one makes as caregiver, in allowing one to remain at home.  We endeavor to share what we have learned and assist others in order to reduce the caregiver’s burden.

Q. Who do you serve?

One AD/dementia patient is diagnosed every 33 seconds in the United States. AD and dementia currently do not have any treatment that can prevent or reverse its course. It is one of the primary public health challenges in the United States today, as more than 5 million are currently affected. By 2050 the number affected is expected to rise to 14 million. Last year patients and their families spent $33 billion to receive care. Medicare paid $104 billion and Medicaid $33 billion. Even though the costs to patients and their families are staggering, more than 15 million caregivers are unpaid. Many of the caregivers struggle to care for their AD/dementia patient while maintaining employment, and/or leave their employment to care for their family member full time. Less than half of American caregivers are able to keep their job and care for their loved one.

In Georgia alone, there are 487,575 AD/dementia family caregivers, providing 5.3 million hours of unpaid healthcare per year. Forty-four percent of these family caregivers live in homes under twice the federal poverty level. Eighty percent of families do not have the financial resources to place their loved one in memory care, assisted living, or adult day care, or hire help at home for the caregiver.

The family caregiver is the invisible patient in this disease and is in need of a better, more accessible support system. CTH seeks to provide online support to caregivers across the country, and local support to those residing in the Metro Atlanta area. CTH aims to reduce the financial, physical, and emotional burden placed on family caregivers, allowing caregivers to take care of their own physical and mental health.

 Q. What is Caring Together in Hope’s biggest need?

Community awareness that our helpline and respite program exists.  We are here to help caregivers.  Like most nonprofits, raising funds to help increase supportive programming for caregivers.

Q. What is your organization’s plan for the future?

To expand our ability to provide respite care for caregivers and their loved ones.

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