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Bridging the Gaps and Getting Value from the Good

Recently I attended the Global Peace Convention 2012 in Atlanta. The organization is an international one that seeks to bridge the gaps between governments, families, communities, religions. Their tagline for the conference was “Moral and Innovative Leadership: Building Strong Families, Healthy Societies, and a Global Culture of Peace.”

For two days I absorbed best practices from government and nonprofit officials from all over the world: the former presidents of Guatemala, Uruguay, Bolivia, Panama, the Dominican Republic, Honduras and Ecuador, former or current ministers of education from Paraguay; Kurdistan, Iraq; and Nairobi, Kenya, a member of the Korea National Assembly, an official from the Rift Valley Peace Initiative and a director from the Irish Peace Institute, just to name a few. I heard talks about character education, solar LED lanterns for villagers without electricity, servant leadership and motivation for youth.

If I didn’t realize it before, this conference was the perfect time and place to get overwhelmed with all the need in the world, and some of the people who have made it their life’s work to do something about that need. Eight hundred people from all over the world attended and no doubt headed home with inspiration and ideas floating around in their heads, just like I did, though my journey to get home was much shorter.

There’s great value in having the platform to share the good your organization is doing, and hear what others are doing in theirs. The exchange of ideas leads naturally to a shared enthusiasm, and of course, a widening of your organization’s network.


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