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Backpack Buddies of Georgia



Backpack Buddies is a non-profit organization created to supply economically disadvantaged children in the Coweta County School System with food for the weekend. Many children in our county are dependent on the “Free and Reduced” lunch program provided by their schools during the week and they have very little to eat over the weekends and holidays. We work with school counselors to identify children “at risk” for hunger and then we supply them with nutritious, self-serve food that will sustain them when school meals are not available


We do this because research shows that hungry children have poorer mental and physical health, suffer with more behavioral disorders and are less prepared to learn when they are in school. Hunger is an increasing epidemic in our county and most residents are unaware. Did you know there were an estimated 200 homeless children in Coweta County last year? The Backpack Buddies program is essential to help relieve hunger, which in turn will improve grades, health, school attendance and self-esteem in these children.  Backpack Buddies started in 2010 with 2 schools and 30 kids.

Q. Who do you serve?

10 elementary schools in our county.

Q. What is your organization’s biggest accomplishment?

Feeding 200 “at risk” kids every weekend.

Q. What is Backpack Buddies of Georgia’s biggest need?

We just need lots of food and lots if funds. Food donations can be made at any point (food list).  Financially, it costs about $5000 to add a school but we start the paperwork when we reach half.

Q. What is your organization’s plan for the future?

To feed the kids in all 22 elementary schools in our counties.

Website and Social Media Sites

On Facebook: backpack buddies of Georgia               Twitter: backpackbuddyga 


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