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Attract More Donors: Put a Face on It

Numbers, statistics, measurable outcomes. They’re extremely important. Quantifying this information well can translate very well to a grant proposal, impressing potential grant makers.

We’ve got a client that has been in existence for a long time. They are well-known and well-established. They get audited, they collect data and then they make it all mean something. Great, right? Yes. Absolutely.

But what do donors and potential donors want to know? A percentage increase in the need from one year to the next can demonstrate how important an organization is to its community. Does it tug at the heartstrings as much as a personal story would? In our opinion, no. Not quite.

This organization knows its audience. In a recent newsletter that goes out to donors and friends of their organization, they included a wonderful story about a client turned employee. It’s exactly right.

But if a face is put on a problem, that need is highlighted in a different way. It becomes personal. And personal makes a difference.

This week Inspiring Generosity, a nonprofit/generosity news source, put an article up on their website that explains this more in depth and offers a five-step way to pitch “people stories.” It’s not only worth a read, but it’s worth applying those steps to your organization’s communications.

In short, yes, collect and quantify that data, but many of your donors want the human appeal.

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