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Atlanta’s Foundation Center: Take advantage of what it offers

Nonprofit Media Solutions is very fortunate to have some of its roots planted in Atlanta where we benefit from having the one of the field offices for the Foundation Center easily accessible downtown. The education courses they offer (some at no charge) can help nonprofit organizations navigate the industry with ease. A visit to the resource library is also a great thing to do when you’re at the beginning of a grant seeking project. If you’re too far away from one of the Foundation Centers in New York (the headquarters), Cleveland, San Francisco or Washington, DC, you can still take advantage of all the great information they offer through webinars and their newsletter.

Their newsletter, for example, publishes helpful information such as what popped up for me at the perfect time this morning, a list of things to remember if you’re ready to start writing a grant that will help you avoid some problems in the end. By having a plan, donors who love you and a connection between capital and more impact, grant seekers increase their chance of securing funding (the original article was published by Social Velocity).

By the way, the Foundation Center also brings their social media a-game; if you tweet at them, they’ll probably tweet you back.

– Betsy

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