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Anything For A Friend



Anything for a Friend is a simple concept about human beings and our interconnection. We believe that humans have an innate desire to connect and help each other when someone is in need. However, most are unsure as to how to provide such help. Anything for a Friend seeks to provide an avenue through which family, friends and the community of someone dealing with personal tragedy can band together to show support. We believe that through the organization of a community fundraiser, both the friends and the benefactor are able to minimize much of the fear and anxiety related to personal tragedy and find satisfaction through such an event, ultimately benefiting the entire community.


Anything for a Friend started in 2010 as a result of Becky Anderson being diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer. Becky’s sister Brenda and some terrific friends got together and put on a fundraiser for Becky’s family. Initially, the fundraiser was simple, Brenda and Becky’s friend Denise were going to shave their heads and have people pay to watch! The first event grew and the results were incredible! Over $36,000 people were in attendance and more than 1,000 were in attendance. Becky and Justin were overwhelmed with the outpouring and could think of nothing more than Paying it Forward, which they have done! Anything for a Friend just had their 23rd event and have raised more than $950,000 for people in pain!

Q. Who do you serve?

Those who are suffering life threatening illnesses or diseases.

Q. What is your proudest accomplishment?

An entirely volunteer organization, making it possible to Give 100% of the proceeds to the families in need!

 Q. What is Anything For A Friend’s biggest need?

Help with the administration of the events to make it smoother for the organizing committees.

Q. What is your organization’s plan for the future?

Go worldwide! 😉

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