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Another Take on the GCN Summit

Last week we attended the Georgia Center for Nonprofits Summit, an annual conference. I had attended last year as a volunteer though I wasn’t working the whole time and got to attend a few sessions. I was extra excited this year to have two full days to soak up all the knowledge I could, meet new faces in the Georgia nonprofit world and reconnect with current nonprofit friends. Lori has already weighed in on some of our takeaways; now it’s my turn.

My take on the conference overall is that it was well-organized and in a physical space that worked well for everyone, encouraging mingling. Also, scheduling 15 minutes or so between sessions made for more great pockets of time to get some networking in.  We listened to great speakers who covered a wide variety of topics. Monday night on my MARTA ride back home my head was just spinning with all the info, and that was just day one!

  • We heard from Lain Shakespeare of Mail Chimp and The Wren’s Nest about making sure nonprofits serve people first and institutions second, humanizing organizations through good storytelling and keeping a consistent voice in outbound communications.
  • Anne Kramer spoke about aligning work and life. She stressed the importance of knowing your meaning, mission and values, managing your energy, connecting and engaging, and taking action to move into your life what feels good and to move out what doesn’t.
  • Dan Gunderman from bigduck spoke about brandraising: consistency in messaging and design, and making sure all communications can be linked directly with an organization’s mission.
  • Sarah Robinson of said that organizations need to listen to their donors and communities, and empower those people, create shared experiences and create trust.

These are just a few of the highlights. We’re looking forward to sharing what we learned with our clients, and putting best practices into motion for our own company as well.


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